The Best Beach Towels of 2024

Ever come home from a beautiful day at the beach and unpack a wet and sandy beach bag? Yuck! The smell of the damp towel lingers long after it has dried, and sand spreads its way around the floor for days. So what do you do? Upgrade to a microfiber beach towel and start living your best life! Many people are saying goodbye to their cotton beach towels and saying hello to the thoughtfully designed towels from  Dock & Bay. Here's why ...

Dock & Bay Towels

quick drying

Think of your towel like the Sahara. Microfiber towels from Dock & Bay dry 3 times as quick as normal towels, leaving you ready for your next dip in the water. And with their built in elastic hook, these towels stay put while hanging.

Sand Free

Due to the soft and smooth texture of the towel, sand slides right off. No more sand piles following you home.

Dock & Bay Towels


Microfiber towels act like a giant sponge. They soak moisture off your body in seconds.

Dock & Bay Towels

Light & Compact

These towels are HUGE (78 x 35 inches) but fold down to over 50% of an equivalent cotton towel. So you can save space in your bag for more beach essentials and snacks.

Dock & Bay Towels

No Odors

Since these towels dry so quick, they won’t hold on to any nasty odors.

Dock & Bay Towels

Ready for Adventure

From beach goers, backpackers and families to surfers, yoga lovers, swimmers and sailors. Dock & Bay towels are ready for you! And they come in a wide variety  of colors.

Dock & Bay Towels

So next time you hit the beach, pool, boat, shower, or anywhere in between, pack your microfiber towel from Dock & Bay and you’ll be ready for your next adventure.

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