Ergowear - FEEL Swim Bikini - Black

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lack mens bikini swimwear with the exclusive FEEL technology carefully applied to men's swimwear. The 2015 Feel men's swimwear collection has been specially designed to please both attention-seekers as well as more conservative consumers.

Sophisticated Look

The exclusive Feel pouch technology has been carefully applied to these bikini swimwear styles. For the first time ever an adaptable pouch with a narrow waistband has been manufactured. Thanks to the adaptable shape of the pouch, it's up to you how eye-catching this men's bikini swimwear will look: It's perfect for bragging your ripped body at the pool or beach, but also if you just want to use a comfortable bikini and not call everyone's attention.

Feel Reloaded

The FEEL pouch makes a slight up and to the front lifting effect to help avoid squeezing of your anatomy. The Polyamid/Spandex fabric adds superior stretch and recovery properties for better durability and softness, optimal for use in water. They have been manufactured in a bi-stretch material that is pilling resistant without loosing its shape or properties over time.

The Feel men's bikini swimwear features:

  • 100% ergonomic design
  • 3-dimensional pouch with FEEL technology
  • manufactured in polyamid-elastan (nylon-lycra)
  • drawstring for additional adjustment around waist (black or white)
  • red logo tab on side of pouch
  • no inner liner for extra fast drying

80% Polyamid, 20% Spandex

Ergowear - FEEL Swim Bikini - Black Johnny Beach
Ergowear - FEEL Swim Bikini - Black Johnny Beach
Ergowear - FEEL Swim Bikini - Black Johnny Beach